Evad is a text-based client to the powerful MPD music server. Written in Python and curses, it is heavily inspired by the similar ncmpc client that I have been using for a few years. Ncmpc, however, is barely maintained nowadays, and I was lacking a few functions that I wanted. Therefore development of Evad started, and it incorporates many of the design ideas that ncmpc has, but with those extra features that just make life easier.


Evad is currently in alpha stage and most energy is focused on getting it feature-complete enough for other people to start to use and hack on it. The latest version is 0.0.2 - "Approximate"

Download here

Warning: The code is still in a very early stage and is considered experimental. Do not expect a fully working music player, and the user experience with this early version will probably be bad unless you like to tinker and to program. If you want to try something that is new to MPD-land, Evad is for you!

Report bugs here

All releases are cryptographically signed with gpg. Make sure you download the gpg signature as well as the application to verify the download.

Evad uses Subversion for version tracking. The very latest developments are always available from the trunk repository, and is sure to contain more features than the stable version. This, of course, makes the trunk very unstable and may not even work properly and/or make your computer a poor excuse for a paperweight. If you want to download the current development tree, use the following command:

svn co https://evad.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/evad/trunk evad

You can also browse the svn repository from your web browser.

You are very much welcome to hack and help with this project. Be warned, however, that it most probably is far too little to see to actually be able to do anything usable.

Thanks to Avuton Olrich, there is an experimental overlay for the Gentoo Linux Distribution containing an ebuild for evad.

Evad is being written by Jonathan Fors. Email: etnoy a broach,se

Visit the Sourceforge project page for more information.

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